There are many options when it comes to window styles. You can replace your existing windows with a completely different style window, that's the beauty of replacement windows. Give your home a facelift with new energy efficient windows and doors. How do you select the right window style for your home? Lets find out.


First off, you have to look at the architectural design of your home. Make sure that the windows will conform to its style and characteristics. You can't always put a different style than the one which is currently installed for a number of reasons. The first reason being, some windows will not operate correctly. For instance, if you have a double hung wood window and you want to replace it will a new vinyl slider window, you may want to think twice. In this situation, if you replace a hung window with a slider, you want to make sure than the height is no more than twice the width of the window. This rule of thumb ensures that the window will operate correctly and will not tilt as you slide the sash. Lets go over the different window styles.



Horizontal sliding replacement windows provide a contemporary look with two or more sashes which slide past each other horizontally within the frame. This style window takes limited wall space, is the most adaptable configuration to practically any size wall, and is the most popular window for satisfying bedroom egress requirements. Sliders are the most popular replacement for old aluminum frames. They are easy to operate and have great insulating capabilities.

Single Hung

Single hung replacement windows, traditional in appearance, have a fixed top sash and a vertically sliding bottom sash. These are reminiscent of old-style sash windows and open without using any exterior or interior space. This style is the easiest and most inexpensive way to replace old wood double hung windows.

Double Hung

Double hung replacement windows offer a traditional look and performance. The two sashes slide vertically past each other in a single frame - use only top sash for extra safety with children or pets. Can open top, bottom, or both to maximize ventilation in any room. Cleaning is made easy with inward tilting sashes which is perfect for those hard to reach window locations. If you want to replace your old wood windows with alike new energy efficient ones, this is the style to go with. It offers you two areas for ventilating your residence.



Casement replacement windows provide the largest opening ventilation area relative to the total window opening. This style is hinged along the vertical edge and open outwards from the opposite side using a crank mechanism. Unobstructed views are a key advantage for this contemporary style. Available in a single or double style, these windows look the best from the outside. With both sashes on the same level and no track, as opposed to slider, these windows give a very clean ans refined look to your home.



Awning replacement windows are hinged along the top horizontal edge, enabling the bottom to tilt outward, which makes this style a popular choice for contemporary, modern and craftsman homes. Great for ventilating a room during poor weather. These are great to put in your garage or attic.



Bay windows are a combination of three windows which project outward and make any room look more spacious. Bay windows let you maximize your space and take advantage of multiple scenic views. This style is a great way to brighten any dining room, living room, or kitchen and give it the look of luxury. If you want to spice up your room, this is the style to go with. If you have a traditional or cottage style home, this style will truly transform the look of your home.



Bow windows are made up of four or more window units which are positioned at equal angles to make a curve. Create a breathtaking focal point and enhance the look of your property. Liven up your home by installing a bow window and you will wonder how you ever lived without one. This style is a very modern style. If you want to open up your wall to great scenic views, this is an excellent choice.



Garden windows are most often installed in kitchens and usually replace the window behind the sink. This style gives you more decorative shelf space and brings in ample direct sunlight. This style is great for creating an interior garden with the shelf space in the garden window. This style has optional single hung windows on the two sides, great for bringing in fresh air to your kitchen.



Skylights are installed into the roof of your home to give you direct sunlight. They can really brighten up a bathroom, kitchen, or any room for that matter. Generally, skylights are non-operable in order to provide you with the best possible weather seal. In recent years, companies have developed skylights which can be controlled by a remote.


What Options Should You Get?

  1. Make sure that you get the latest in glass technology. Upgraded Low-E 366 glass is the top of the line and qualifies you for the $1500 Federal tax credit. Add argon gas to it and truly enjoy the full benefits of the latest energy efficient technologies.

  2. Go for high quality windows with a reliable warranty. You won;t be making this purchase again anytime soon so choose wisely.

  3. If you live on colder climates, you may want to get the latest in glass thickness and pane technologies. Get 3 panes of glass between you and the freezing outdoors.

  4. Grids are a great way to add some character to your home. Available in many styles (flat, sculptured, v groove, simulated divided lite), many patterns, and many colors, grids are a great way to transform the look of your home.


When making a decision on window style be mindful of the functionality, operation, and ease of use of your new windows. Make sure that you match the windows with the overall style of your residence. Also, choosing the right material is just as important. Read about different window materials to find out which would be best for you.