Patio Doors

Replacing your old patio doors is a great way to dress up your home and raise your property value. Homeowners are always looking for ways to transform their home and patio doors are a great place to start. Patio doors come in a wide selection of materials , brands, and styles. From worry-free vinyl to elegant wood, you are sure to find something you'll like. Lets go over your options.



  1. Vinyl → maintenance free material, energy efficient, easy installation, will last you many years.

  2. Aluminum → easy installation, virtually no maintenance needs to be done.

  3. Fiberglass → environmentally friendly, strongest material, can be painted any color.

  4. Wood → nothing looks better than wood patio doors. They are elegant and truly beatify your home.





  1. Sliding Vinyl Patio Door → this is the most popular patio door. The most inexpensive style, sliding vinyl patio doors can be dressed up with lots of options. They can be painted a number of colors.

  2. Wide Rail/French Style Vinyl Sliding Patio Door → introduced rather recently, wide rail or french style patio doors are made to look like wood patio doors with the durability and ease of vinyl. They have more vinyl around the perimeter of each door sash to really give your home an expensive wood look.

  3. Hinged Patio Door → These patio doors are the only ones that operate like wood patio doors. They can be customized to either swing in or out and can be accompanied with optional side lites. Add grids and truly make it look like a wood patio door.



  1. Sliding Aluminum Patio Door → aluminum patio doors add a contemporary and modern feel to your home. With a very skinny and low profile, aluminum patio doors can transform your living or dining room.



  1. Sliding Fiberglass Patio Door → Sliding fiberglass doors have superior strength to the rest of the patio door materials. They have the look of wood patio doors without the maintenance requirements of wood patio doors.

  2. Foldable wall units → growing in popularity foldable patio door units look very modern. They are a great way to transform a wall into a huge patio door with unobstructed views. Bring in more light to your home with this unique patio door system.

  3. Hinged Fiberglass Patio Door → designed to resemble the look of wood patio doors, fiberglass hinged patio doors can be painted any color and give you the look of wood patio doors.



  1. Sliding Wood Patio Door → there is no material that looks as great as wood. Although you do have to worry about maintenance, wood patio doors make your property look rich. Bring your property value up with these elegant patio doors.

  2. Hinged Wood Patio Door → step through a hinged wood patio door to step onto your deck or enter your backyard. Wood hinged patio doors match many architectural home designs.