With so many brands out there selling vinyl replacement windows it can get confusing. What are the differences between them all?


  1. Nationally recognized brands → make sure that the window company you purchase your vinyl replacement windows from has a presence across several US states.

  2. Warranty → make sure that the company has a lifetime warranty on residential windows and 10 year warranty on commercial windows.

  3. NFRC and AAMA rated → some companies are not rated by these two authorities and will not produce windows and doors that qualify for the $1500 Federal tax credit. Double check with these two agencies that the manufacturer has certified ratings from NFRC and AAMA.



Where to buy?

Don't waste countless hours at a big box store like Home Depot, Lowe's, or HD Supply. Go to a specialized window shop which only sells windows and doors. You want to make sure that you are getting exactly what your home wants, needs, and deserves. You don't change your windows very often so take your time in choosing the right window company.


Once you get a written quote from a dealer, make sure that you get the exact sizes, options, and styles of your openings. With this information, you can call around and make sure you are not getting ripped off. In the 1990's there were not that many players in the replacement window industry and therefore prices were heavily inflated. Hard selling techniques were used to take advantage of the customer's ignorance. Nowadays, consumers are much more educated about the window replacement industry and price shopping has become part of our nature. So, don't hesitate to shop around for your windows and doors.


How much should you spend on windows and doors for your home?

With every home being unique, its hard to gauge exactly how much your windows will cost to replace. The most cost effective material to use to replace your windows is vinyl. Vinyl is maintenance free and is the most worry-free and reliable material. Window sizes vary greatly from small bathroom windows to large living and family room windows. As a general rule of thumb, windows should cost you anywhere from $100-$500 per window depending on the manufacturer and the style you choose.


Don't Get Ripped Off on your windows and doors

There are many local dealers in your area. They all buy windows from the same sources. So, make sure that you are getting a good deal by going around and visiting those other dealers.