Fiberglass windows are a relatively new material compared to its wood, vinyl, and aluminum counterparts. In many ways, fiberglass windows are an improvement on wood and aluminum framed windows given their superior strength. On the other hand, fiberglass windows are worse. Lets find out why.


Fiberglass vs. Wood vs. Vinyl

  • Strength: Fiberglass windows have one huge strength.....their superior STRENGTH. Fiberglass windows are much stronger than vinyl and wood windows.

  • Greener: Fiberglass windows are more environmentally friendly. Because they are made with about 60% glass, they can be recycled.

  • Fiberglass windows look like wood but do not have to be cared for like wood windows do.

  • Fiberglass windows do not have to be painted unlike wood windows.

  • Until recently, vinyl windows were not able to be painted and fiberglass windows have always been able to be painted.

  • Fiberglass windows dress your residence up much better than vinyl windows do, but they do come at a higher price tag


Strength, Its Important

You may not think that the strength of your windows is a big deal, but it is! Wood windows tend to expand and contract with varying outside weather conditions. When your windows shift in any direction, they are much more prone to leaks and its much harder to operate them properly. Fiberglass windows will avoid any shifting, expanding, or contracting, due to weather conditions. So, once your fiberglass windows are installed properly, they will open and close with the same ease for many years to come.



Fiberglass windows are not the cheapest window material on the market. Fiberglass, because it is a relatively new technology, still has a higher price tag than aluminum or vinyl windows. Wood windows are still more expensive than fiberglass. Fiberglass windows are the future of the window replacement industry. It has growing market share and is the window material we will all start seeing more of in years to come.